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M487 Ethernet Series

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    Developing IoT devices can be a painful process. In this webinar, you will learn how to develop an IoT enabled device quickly and easily with Nuvoton IoT platforms. We will cover IoT device system architectures, security consideration, development kits for different cloud services, and the latest practices to bring your IoT products time to market quickly. Speaker: UE00 Senior Product Marketing Manager, Harry Chen - For more information, please visit Nuvoton Technology Website: https://bit.ly/3hVdcmC Buy now: https://bit.ly/3bk0AD8 Contact us: SalesSupport@nuvoton.com #Product #Application #Webinar #General #en
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    Nuvoton has provided all kinds of size panels from 3.5 to 7 inches that support i80 mode and RGB interface to show GUI. N9H series supports hardware 2D Graphics Accelerator and MJPEG codec to process images. To meet customers HMI needs, Nuvoton has already prepared low-end to high-end products including M0, M4, and Arm9 series. #Product #Learning #Basic #en - For more information, please visit Nuvoton Technology Website: https://bit.ly/3hVdcmC buy now: https://direct.nuvoton.com/tw/numaker-emwin-n9h30 contact us: SalesSupport@nuvoton.com 0:00 簡介 1:32 Nuvoton HMI Solutions 3:04 Nuvoton HMI Development Systems 4:40 emWin Supported HMI Solution 5:29 Nuvoton Homemade Free GUI Templates 5:55 HMI Successful Story 7:15 Nuvoton MCU Feature for GUI 7:58 NuMicro N9H Series 9:26 NuMicro M480 Series 10:26 What is HMI and emWin Library 11:01 Windows Tools 12:34 Use GUIBuilder to easily create GUI 13:32 em Win sample code path in Nuvoton BSP 13:54 How to build the project • Both of the BSP and hardware are right, the display should 14:10 Nuvoton Forum 14:57 Supported LCD driver IC List (the popular ones)
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    1. 介紹新唐NuMicro M4全系列產品組合,包含M480系列、M451系與NUC505系列。依據不同的終端應用需求,客戶該如何挑選適合的產品系列。 2. 詳細介紹新唐NuMicro M480產品系列的產品特色,M480子系列的規格比較,特色IP的功能說明,以及成功案例。 #Product #Learning #Basic #zh-Hant - 更多產品資訊,請至新唐科技網站 https://bit.ly/3hVdcmC 購買管道:https://direct.nuvoton.com/tw/m4-family/ 聯絡我們: SalesSupport@nuvoton.com
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