Smart Home Audio(325)




NAU88L21IG is an ultra-low power high performance audio codec that supports both analog and digital audio functions. It includes one I2S/PCM interface, one digital microphone interface, one digital mixer, two high quality DAC and ADC, and one stereo class G headphone amplifier.

NAU88L21IG advanced on-chip signal processing engine includes dynamic range compressor (DRC), programmable biquad filter, as well as an integrated frequency locked loop (FLL) to support selections of input clocks.

Target Applications:

Gaming controller
Wireless Headset
Smart Remote Controller

Key Features:

ADC Feature
  - SNR (A-weighted): 103dB @ 0dB Mic gain
  - THD+N: -93dB @ 0dB Mic gain
  - Dynamic Range Compressor
DAC Feature
  - Class G Headphone Amplifier (28mW @ 32Ω, 1% THD+N)
  - SNR (A-weighted): 105dB @ 0dB gain
  - THD+N: -88dB @ 20mW, RL=32ohm
Audio Input
  - Digital Audio Interface: I2S / PCM Input
  - Microphone Input:
  • 2 x Mono Differential Analog Mic Input
  • 1 x Stereo Differential Analog Mic Input
  • 2 x Single-end Mic Input
  • 1 x Stereo Digital Mic Input
  - Sample rates: 8~192kHz
Advance/Control Feature
  - Headset Detection
  - Jack Insertion and Ejection Detection
  - Distinct Keys Detection
  - I2C Control Interface
Operating Characteristics
  - Voltage range(VDDC): 1.61V ~ 1.98V, SR>48KHz /FLL Enable
  - Voltage range(VDDC): 1.1V ~ 1.98V, SR<48KHz /FLL Disable
  - Temperature range: -40°C ~ 85°C
  - QFN-32 (4x4mm)
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