Smart Home Audio(325)


Multi-protocol bidirectional re-timer

      KM864742 is multi-protocol bidirectional re-timer for USB Type-C cable

      Provides an active cable retimer solution capable of transmitting and receiving up to 40Gbps。


Supports USB4 backward compatibility and peripheral standards

       USB4®,Thunderbolt™3,USB3.2,DisplayPort™ 2.1,and DisplayPort™ Alt mode


Achieves a long cable with high flexibility

       An equalizer that can compensate for signal loss of up to 35dB on the receiving side, and an emphasis circuit that can

       compensate for up to 15dB on the transmitting side, can compensate for cable attenuation and restore the signal.

       This allows you to create long cables with great flexibility and interoperability.


Cable thinning technology that realizes thin and long, high quality, and low cost

      Greatly eased restrictions on Intra-Pair Skew required at the input end of Re-Timer.

      In addition to reducing cable wire material costs and paddle card mounting costs, the diameter of metal cables can be reduced to that of optical cables, improving usability.

      In addition, the built-in e-Marker simplifies design, reduces BOM and manufacturing costs, and shortens software development time.



Item Performance characteristics
e-Marker Yes
USB Speed USB4 Gen3 40Gbps
Lanes 4 Lanes
Channel Output 4, Input 4
Protocol USB4, USB3.2, DP2.1, Thunderbolt3
Input Equalizer 35dB
Output Equalizer 15dB
Package BGA 81Pin 5x5mm Body
Lead Pitch_0.5mm


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