OLED Display - GIF Format Decode (LZW) Supported

This solution has built-in multiple font fonts, and can also load various font fonts with 2-inch OLED display customized graphical interface through the Nuvoton font conversion tool. It has high-speed GIF dynamic bitmap decoding ( LZW ). Smoothly play GIF motion pictures.

  • Features
    Supports GIF decode function ( LZW )
    2” OLED display customized Graphical User Interface ( GUI )
    Internal Flash memory for storing font libraries
  • Specifications
    M487 (32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M4F)
    - CPU up to 192 MHz
    - Internal 512 KB Flash / 160 KB SRAM
    - Up to 96 MHz SPI Interface
  • System Block Diagram

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