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KA44370A is a gate driver IC for driving single-phase motors. The output stage, which can directly drive an external power MOSFET at 48V, is assembled in a small 4mm x 4mm QFN package, making it possible to mount the IC on a small motor despite the 48V requirement. The motor current waveform can be selected from a sinusoidal or a trapezoidal wave, which is generated by our unique Auto Phase Control technology, achieving low power consumption, low vibration and high airflow with high-speed rotation. A2PRaS (Advanced Auto Phase & Rapid Softswitch) function is also installed which allows the setting of advanced phase in order to achieve even higher speed rotation. It provides optimal motor drive control for a variety of applications. Stable and reliable motor start-up is possible even in the case of mutual interference when multiple fan motors are used, or when reverse rotation takes place due to external airflow.


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Item Performance characteristics
Sub-Family Description Single-phase BLDC motor driver
Control Method A2PRaS, PWM Sinusoidal control
Control interface PWM/DC
Ron (Ohm) Pre-Dr
Operating Voltage (V) 12V / 24V / 48V

Operating ambient temperature[min](°C)


Operating ambient temperature[max](°C)

Package QFN32L 4x4mm Body
Lead Pitch_0.4mm




Recommended Circuit






Support tool

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 Evaluation Board

KE-KA44370A  - KA44370A single-phase PWM/VSP motor evaluaton board

The KE-KA44370A is an evaluation board (EVB) equipped with pre-driver KA44370A, and external MOSFET drivers. It is capable of driving a single-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motor with 1.3A Peak current in 48V DC rails or battery powered applications.

This EVB can be used to verify the functionality of our original technology : Advanced Auto Phase & Rapid Softswitch (A2PRaS) installed in KA44370A.

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