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Arduino Compatible Platform

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. Using Arduino Compatible Platform, it will offer a simple and scalable programming environment to support these major Arduino sensor modules. The makers can use it easily for their development. The NuMaker Uno is an Arduino compatible hardware using NuMicro MCU as the microcontroller. Its function can be extended with Arduino add-ons. Users can use Arduino IDE to develop their applications and leverage a large number of open source samples. 

The NuMaker Uno is a specific development tool for NuMicro® Cortex®-M0 series by which users can develop and verify the application program easily. The purpose is to provide a set of development and learning of both packages, with ADC, PWM, I²C, SPI, etc. peripheral functions, users can replace NuMaker Uno development kits with different functions can also be based on user needs its own peripheral functions development Kit, easy to use and yet develop the required flexibility. The NuMaker Uno includes two portions: the evaluation board and Nu-Link debugger/programmer. The Nu-Link is also included so users do not need additional ICE or debug equipment.



  • Learning / Applications / debug: full range of development tools
  • Easy to carry the development debug kit
  • Rich microcontroller peripheral functions, such as ADC, PWM, I²C, SPI,  UART…
  • With high scalability: Connection board can change to a different application modules
  • Support Arduino UNO Revision 3 connectivity
  • Support Virtual COM port on USB
  • Support Arduino IDE, IAR EWARM, and Keil RVMDK development environment
  • Extension resources
    • Nuvoton Microelectronics Morpho extension pin headers for full access to all NUC131 I/Os
    • On-board Nu-Link debugger/programmer with SWD connector
  • Flexible board power supply
    • USB VBUS(can use jump to change 5V or 3.3V)
    • External VIN (7V<VIN<12V) supply voltage from transformer
    • External 2.5 ~ 5.5V supply voltage from other power source input to VDD pin
  • LEDs status
  • Power, user, Tx, Rx and ICE status
  • One push button for RESET


Arduino IDE & Board Installation Guide

1. Download and Install the Nu-Link USB Driver.
2. Download Arduino IDE from https://www.arduino.cc/
3. Run Arduino IDE installer to install it on PC.
4. Run Arduino IDE.
Go to File → Preferences, enter the following URL to textbox of ‘Additional Board Manager URLs’
5. Arduino IDE : go to Tools → Board → Boards Manager
6. NuMaker UNO will show up on the list, select NuMaker UNO and click install.
After the package download is finished, go to Tools → Board and select NuMaker UNO to use it.

*Note: Please make sure the internet connection is active and unblocked.

Welcome to download the Nuvoton IoT resource reference file (https://www.nuvoton.com/iot_startup). The content includes rich information, such as development resource, quick-start examples, application tutorial videos, etc.

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*Ordering Number: NK-UNO-131

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