Cold Chain Data Logger

The cold chain data logger reference design can measure and record the temperature information and generate PDF data log automatically.  Furthermore, the cold chain data logger has touch keys control system and LCD display to shows information includes temperature, battery level, and time. And last but not least, the smart charger of the data logger in line with BC1.2 standard protocol.

  • Features
    Saves BOM cost and simplifies PCB layout
      - Three-in-one MCU: system control, LCD display control, and touch key control
      - LCD controller built-in DH1/DH2 capacitance
      - Crystal-less USB 2.0 FS
    Generates PDF data log file automatically in USB device
      Minimal PDF library (Optimized only 39 KB of Flash and 10 KB of RAM)
    - USB Smart Charger
      - Battery Charge Standard 1.2
    - GUI tool on PC synchronize device status
      - Synchronize RTC and warning log data with Nuvoton Logger
  • Specifications
    M258  (32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M23)
    - Touch key controller 
      - IEC 61000-4-6 10 Vrms
      - 2 mm waterproof
      - High touch sensitivity and high-noise  immunity 
    LCD controller
      - Charge pump voltage range from 2.8 V to 5.2 V 
      - Display remain in power down mode
  • System Block Diagram
    Cold Chain Data Logger
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