Smart Home Audio(325)

PowerSpeech Series

Nuvoton’s PowerSpeech® is a fundamental Speech product line with advanced synthesis technology to implement up to 3-ch Voice/Melody. This series contains wide voltage range product families with 4-bit or 8-bit uC based core to fulfill multi-tasking applications on toy market.  Take the advantage of high quality algorithms, it perform outstanding sound quality with low cost structure to get the best cost performance product line. Except basic features such as H/W PWM I/O, high sink I/O ports, IR carrier, LVR, WDT for various applications, it also has user friendly full fledge development tools with ICE level debugger, Ultra_I/O system, PowerScript® language and WIZARD code generation.
Nuvoton’s PowerSpeech® Series includes various families with specific product segments.  Nuvoton’s PowerSpeech Series : W581J, W528S, W584A, W584B, N584L, W588C, W588D, N588H, W588L.


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