Battery Management System

KA49517A/522A is a high accuracy battery monitoring IC (BMIC) with a protection function suitable for industrial applications. It has many BMS functions integrated into one chip, making system design simple and easy. Pin-to-pin compatible series also enables a flexible and scalable design. Combined with the high performance, high speed, and low power NuMicro® M483 CAN MCU. This solution achieved a highly reliable and safe BMS system.

  • Features
    Up to 17 cells (KA49517A) or 22 cells (KA49522A) high accuracy voltage measurement
    High and low speed current measurement for Coulomb counting and system protection
    - Charge and discharge switch control
    - Over and under cell voltage detection
    - Over current and short circuit protection
    - Support both external and internal passive cell balancing function
  • BMIC/ MCU Specifications
    Battery monitoring IC (KA49517A/522A)
    - High resolution ADC (14bits)
    - Up to 5 temperature measurement channels
    16 bits high/low speed current measurement
    Built-in High side FET driver (CHG/ DIS control)
    NuMicro M483 CAN MCU
    Up to 192 MHz operating frequency
    - Low voltage operation (1.8V to 3.6V)
    - Deep power down current: 0.35 µA (typ)
    - Temperature range: - 40 ℃ to 105 ℃
  • System Block Diagram
    Battery Management System
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