Low Power ML51 Series Electronic Shelf Label

The average power consumption of this solution is < 1 μA during standby mode, which keeps the standby state with low power consumption. The data remains when power is off. The solution uses the basic LoRa transmission protocol to implement the wireless update data function, and the host device can transmit the data action through the LoRa host module to update the electronic paper display content.

  • Features
    ML51 Power-Down current < 1 μA
    E paper display module controlled by SPI interface
    Communicate with PC host by LoRa Host module
    Data will be shown on display during power off
  • Specifications
    ML51 (8-bit, 1T 8051)
    - Input Voltage : 1.8 V ~ 5.5 V
    - System clock : 4 MHz ~ 24 MHz
    - Temperature : - 40 °C ~ 105 °C
    - ESD : 8 kV
    - EFT : 4 kV
  • System Block Diagram

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