Smart Home Audio(325)




ISD2360YYI is a 3-channel digital ChipCorder® providing single-chip storage and playback of high quality audio. The device features digital de-compression, comprehensive memory management, flash storage, integrated audio signal path with up to 3 channel concurrent playback and Class D speaker driver capable of delivering power of 0.95W.

ISD2360YYI utilizes flash memory to provide non-volatile audio playback with duration up to 64 seconds (based on 8kHz/4bit ADPCM compression). This part can be controlled and programmed through an SPI serial interface or operated stand-alone by IO input triggers. Design based on ISD2360SYI does not require external clock sources and with a speaker to deliver quality audio prompts or sound effects to enhance user interfaces.

ISD2360YYI provides wide range of sampling frequencies, high SNR performance, low power consumption, fast programming time and integrated program verification.

Target Applications:

Home Appliance - Audio Feedback
Automotive - HMI
Security Alarm System - Fire, Smoke, Carbon Monoxide detectors
Medical Monitor - Audio Feedback, Voice Prompt
Gaming Console - Audio Prompt

Key Features:

Duration / Flash Storage
  - 64s with 8kHz/4bit ADPCM in 2Mbit Flash
Audio Management
  - Voice Prompts - Store pre-recorded audio
  - Voice Macros - Execute pre-programmed macro scripts
Audio Path
  - Up to 3 channel audio streaming can be mixed and played back concurrently.
Sample Rate
  - 7 sampling frequencies 4 / 5.3 / 6.4 / 8 / 12.8 / 16 / 32 KHz
Audio Output
  - PWM: Class D speaker driver to direct drive an 8Ω speaker or buzzer.
  - 400mW@3V
  - 1W@5V
I/O Interfaces
  - 1 set of SPI interface
  - 6 x GPIO multiplexed with SPI interface
Operating Characteristics
  - Voltage range: 2.4V ~ 5.5V
  - Temperature range: -40°C ~ 85°C
  - QFN-32
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