Smart Home Audio(325)


The N531A170 is an 8-bit uC based speech and dual tone melody synthesizer with 64SEG x 16COM LCD driver unit, which includes an internal regulator, pump circuit and two pages of dedicated LCD RAM to generate a high quality of LCD display. The N531A170 offers many significant features including wide operation voltage for either 2 or 3 batteries applications, 1 channels of speech and/or dual tone melody, 1000 dots LCD driver, 1KB working RAM, 4M bits ROM, 16 dedicated I/Os, IR carrier, Low Voltage Detector, and so forth. Furthermore, it also provides multiple power modes to minimize power dissipation, and provides Watch Dog Timer, Low Voltage Reset to prevent hanging-up occurring as power unstable or abnormal bouncing.

The N531A170 is suitable for the applications of ELA, Hand-held Games, remote controllers, watches, clocks and others that incorporate both LCD display and speech or dual tone melody.




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