Smart Home Audio(325)


The W588D300 is a powerful embedded microprocessor (uP) dedicated to speech and melody synthesis applications. This series of chips is suitable for plush toys, educational Q&A toys, or interactive applications. W588D300 can synthesize multi-channel speech and melody. 3-tracks of synthesized speech can be in different formats, for example ADPCM and MDPCM. Regarding synthesized melody, W588D300 can provide 2-tracks of Tone melody (T-melody) , or 3-tracks of High-Quality melody (HQ-melody) that can emulate the characteristics of musical instruments. In general, the W588D300 series can accomplish multi-tasking requirements easily and make toys more complicated than traditional PowerSpeech.

The W588D300 provides at most 8 input pins & 24 bi-directional I/Os, a maximum 512 bytes RAM, an IR carrier, Serial Interface Management, and a 32KHz-Divider for more sophisticated applications, such as interactive toys, cartridge toys and final count down functions. 3 LED output pins with 256-level color control means that numerous combinations of RGB colors result in versatile  colorful effects. W588D300 has two kinds of power saving modes: Slow mode and STOP mode. In addition, W588D300 also provides PWM mode output to save power during playback and a Watch Dog Timer to prevent a latch-up situation from occurring.

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