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KA44180A is a two channel H-bridge driver that controls bipolar stepping motor with a single chip. The interface is a parallel control and it is possible to drive two phase excitation, half-step, 1-2 phase excitation, and W1-2 phase excitation methods. PWM drive contributes to high-speed, low-vibration drive with OFF time control and Mixed-decay control. The input voltage is compatible with 12V / 24V system, making it ideal for home appliances, office automation equipment and factory automation equipment.


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Item Performance characteristics
Sub-Family Description Dual bipolar stepper motor driver
Control Method Full step to Quarter step, MixedーDecay control
Control interface Parallel
Ron (Ohm) 0.95
Operating Voltage (V) 12V / 24V

Operating ambient temperature[min](°C)


Operating ambient temperature[max](°C)

Package QFN36L 5x5mm Body
Lead Pitch_0.4mm


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