48V Industrial Fan Motor Driver

Nuvoton motor driver IC incorporates A2PRaS (Auto Advanced Phase & Rapid Softswitch) technology. Advanced phase function is generally adopted for motor driving applications with high-speed rotation. However, this technique alone is not enough to achieve high efficiency. By implementing auto-advanced phase control and rapid soft switching, our IC realizes high efficiency at a wide speed range and in each operating condition.

  • Features
    Using a 4mm2 package with die capable of 48V direct input to realize a 40mm2 fan motor
    Wide range of operation suitable for 12/24/48V single phase motors
    Various setting for A2PRaS and other parameters is possible via the dedicated built in OTM(One-Time Memory)
  • Specifications
    - Motor Driver IC (KA44370A)
    - Operating voltage: 8.0V to 76V
    Absolute max capability of gate driver ±100mA (NN drive)
    Small 4mm2 HQFN-32 Package
  • System Block Diagram
    22_Nuvoton-48V Industrial Fan Motor Driver
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