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TFT Color Thermostat

Nuvoton’s new true color temperature controller reference design provides complete solutions, starting from the hardware design, using the graphics control series N9H20 microprocessor and built-in 32 MB SDRAM memory, reducing hardware design difficulties.

This solution provides a complete hardware circuit design and PCB layout. In addition, a full graphic of the temperature controller is provided in software design, which includes the power-on screen show, three-page slide mode switching, temperature display, temperature control, perpetual calendar, backlight control, and RS485 control. Furthermore, the software uses open-source so users can change the process and pictures according to their plans, and users can directly download and use related graphics.

  • Features
    Developing the GUI by Nuvoton emWin graphic library
    Smooth and high-quality GUI
    - 4” 480x480 TFT-LCD
    - Capacitive touch
    - Support RS-485 communication
  • Specifications
    N9H20 (32-bit Arm926EJ-S)
    - LQFP package build-in 32 MB DDR
    Supports 24-bit RGB LCD Interface
    Supports resolution up to 1024x768
    Integrated 2D graphic accelerator
    Integrated Hardware JPEG Codec
  • System Block Diagram

    TFT Thermostat-1

    TFT Thermostat-2

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