NUC980 OpenWrt Graphical Gateway

The NUC980 graphical gateway is a reference design based on OpenWrt. OpenWrt is a Linux distribution suitable for embedded devices and commonly used for gateway development in embedded devices. With the help of the LuCI toolkit, it can provide a powerful graphical configuration interface, and users can easily monitor system logs or configure devices through the network interface. In addition, the NUC980 has rich industrial peripherals and can connect to various sensors according to the scenario and present the data on the webpage.

  • Features
    OpenWrt Ver.17/Ver.22
    Easy to access through a web browser.
    Can be connected to the cloud via Ethernet or Wi-Fi/4G.
    Supports OTA (Over-the-Air/firmware upgrade).
    Ensures secure data transmission through TLS 1.2/1.3 (OpenSSL).
    Allows for the customization of devices to adapt to different application scenarios.
    Requires only 2-4 layers of PCB layers for the solution PCB.
  • Product Benefits
    NUC980 系列
    - LQFP package with built-in 64/128 MB DDR
    - Supports booting from SPI NOR/NAND/eMMC/SD/USB 
    Supports up to 2 sets of 10/100 Ethernet
    Supports up to 2 sets of high-speed USB host
    - Supports up to 10 sets of UART/RS485
    - Supports up to 4 sets of CAN Bus. 
  • System Block Diagram


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