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The KM1M7A series, ideal for controlling power electronics, is a 32-bit Flash microcontroller featuring both high processing power and low power consumption, and incorporating the Arm® Cortex®-M7.

The PWM series features a high-performance, high-resolution PWM, high-speed, high-precision AD converter, and feedback control assist functions that are ideal for digital power supply control, contributing to power electronics products that require high efficiency, low heat generation, and miniaturization.

Block Diagram


Outline Specifications

•Built-in Arm® Cortex ® -M7 core

  •12-bit A/D converter

 Single- and double-precision FPUs

    Minimum conversion time 0.5μs (2.0Msps)

•Clock frequency: 160 MHz

    3 units, 32 channels

•Internal memory


•Variable Gain Amplifier (VGA)

 Instruction Flash ROM: 512 KB

    5 units

 Flash ROM for data: 64 KB


•Comparator: 5 units

 Instruction RAM: 64 KB

    Window/2 level/1 levell switchable

 RAM for data: 64 KB

  •Functional Safety

•DMA controller: 2 units / 16 channels

    ROM/RAM ECC function


    Memory data protection function

 General-purpose 16-bit timer: 20 channels

    Register access protect function

 PWM for power control: 12 units / 24 channels

    Clock monitor function

 (including high-resolution output [208 ps] 9 units/18 channels)

    Window type WDT function

 Matrix converter control PWM: 1 unit / 18 channels

    CRC operation function


    A/D converter Diagnostic function

  Synchronous/IIC: 1 channel

    Supply voltage detection function

  Synchronous/UART: 2 channels

    Power-on reset function

  Synchronous/UART/LIN: 1 channel

  •Power supply voltage: 5V single power supply

  Synchronous/UART/SPI: 3 channels

  •Operating temperature: Tc= -40 to 110°C

  Synchronous/UART/data share: 1 channel


  SM-Bus: 1 channel


  CAN-FD: 2 channels


Reference Board

KM1M7A series-2-ver2-EN

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