Smart Home Audio(325)


The N567HP330 is an advanced 8-ch Melody IC with 8Mbit embedded OTP. It combines with the technology of 8-bit 65C02 core and new 4-bit or 5-bit MDPCM synthesizer to implement sophisticated applications in high level of sound quality.

The N567HP330 provides 32 I/O pins, 384 bytes RAM, IR carrier, and Serial Interface Management (SIM) for various interactive toys or cartridge applications. It contains 6 LED output pins with 64-level control for the application of motor control or LED fading. In addition, N567HP330 provides high quality PWM mode audio output to save power during playback. It also built in internal oscillation to save component cost and control the system frequency in a precise range. Furthermore, N567HP330 provides Watch Dog Timer and Low Voltage Reset to prevent latch-up situation occurring as power bouncing or vibration.

The N567HP330 build in 8Mbit OTP to cover the families of N567G (4-ch) , N567K (6-ch) and N567H (8-ch).





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