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The NuMaker PFM-M487 is based on the NuMicro® M487 Ethernet series MCU with Cortex®-M4F core. The 512 KB embedded dual bank Flash memory supports OTA (Over-The-Air) firmware upgrade, and the 160 KB embedded SRAM includes 32 KB cache to speed up external SPI Flash code execution. It is a powerful development platform ideal for IoT application. Its system frequency is up to 192 MHz, and is equipped with security, communication and device management modules. Supported functions include high speed USB OTG, full speed USB OTG, SD card interface, Ethernet, audio codec and code can be directly executed on the external 2 MB SPI Flash.

You may employ NuMaker PFM-M487 as either collection point or sensor node to securely connect to the Mbed™ cloud service for equipment connection and management. This allows tiny amounts of data to be collected locally to cloud through the Mbed™ server software for valuable information generation with big data analysis technique. The platform is equipped with a simple interface that allows developers to easily develop IoT applications.

The NuMaker PFM-M487 uses general purpose interface and is Arduino UNO compatible. Users may develop their own application by working with any Arduino modules. In addition to the expansion interface, the main board embeds scores of peripheral sensor groups including RGB LED, keypad, microphone, headset input/output, USB 1.1/2.0 OTG, and heartbeat sensor pad. The analog peripheral includes a 12-bit up to 16-channel 5 MSPS SAR ADC and two 12-bit 1 MSPS DACs. Communication interfaces include two CAN 2.0B interfaces, two SD card interfaces, etc. It supports the Mbed™ and FreeRTOS™ operating system. 



NuMaker PFM- M487



32-bit Arm Cortex®-M4 M487JIDAE MCU

  • Core clock 192 MHz
  • 512 KB embedded Flash and 160 KB SRAM
  • Dual Bank Flash
  • 32 KB cache memory for external SPI flash
  • USB 2.0 HS PHY and FS PHY
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet; supports RMII and MII
  • DES, AES, ECC, 3DES, HMAC and SHA crypto engine
  • VAI (Voltage Adjustable Interface) system supports voltage level adjustment for individual I/O

On Board Devices

  • Audio Codec (NAU88L25) supports MIC, line-in and headset
  • Heartbeat sensor pad
  • SPI Flash


  • Arduino UNO
  • Ethernet
  • USB 1.1/2.0 OTG
  • TF
  • Audio




Arm Mbed™ OS developer site

NuMaker PFM-M487

NuMaker PFM-M487 User Manual


Welcome to download the Nuvoton IoT resource reference file (https://www.nuvoton.com/iot_startup). The content includes rich information, such as development resource, quick-start examples, application tutorial videos, etc.



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*Ordering Number: NK-BEDM487


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