Smart Home Audio(325)


The N538A170, a member of the ViewTalk®family, is an 8-bit microprocessor (uP) with a speech and melody synthesizer and 64SEG x 16COM LCD driver unit, which includes an internal regulator, pump circuit and two pages of dedicated LCD RAM. The N538A170 can synthesize 8 channels of melody or speech (up to 2 of these channels can be speech; the rest are melody) and drive an LCD display simultaneously. The N538A170 accepts midi scores in MIDI format 0, and it has multiple power modes to minimize power dissipation, based on different speech, melody, and LCD needs.

The Serial-memory Interface Manager (SIM) is designated for cartridge applications. Using the SIM, the N538A170 can access Nuvoton-proprietary, serial-memory chips W55Fxx and W551Cxxx.

It is also ideal for games, remote controllers, watches, clocks and other applications that incorporate both LCD display and speech or midi.


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