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The M2354 NuMaker-IoT board integrates the computing power of NuMicro® M2354 IoT Series and complete microcontroller security functions, and equips Wi-Fi and LoRa communication modules on the board. The LoRa module also has two different frequency bands for communication between China and the United States. At the same time, the Arduino expansion interface designed on the development board can support any functional expansion board that connects the interface to the main board. For example, a sensor board with Arduino interface can use the onboard communication modules to transmits the data to the back-end server. In addition, since the M2354 IoT Security series itself has an LCD Controller and many security functions, Nuvoton has also developed a function demonstration software and it comes with the development version.

Feature of the board

Wi-Fi, LoRa communication modules (915MHz/ 433MHz; US/China area)  
  Multiple expansion interfaces integrated
  - Arduino UNO compatible interface
  - mikroBUS compatible interface
  - USB 2.0 Full-Speed OTG / Host / Device
  - CAN and RS485 transceiver
  - On-board Nu-Link2-Me ICE Bridge (Mass storage as USB Disk drive) for drag and drop programming
Supports Multi-RTOS, Multi-Cloud
  - TrustZone® for Arm®v8-M
  - Mbed OS, FreeRTOS, RT-Thread; Pelion Cloud, AWS IoT Cloud
Provide Demo Program with Source Code
  - Prebuilt image download link:
  - Source code link:

System block diagram


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