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NANO120 IoT-Engine

Nuvoton Technology Corporation collaborates with Ubiquitous Computing Technology Corporation (UCT*) to provide a state-of-art IoT-Engine universal development platform, compatible with TRON (The Real-time Operating System Nucleus) Forum standards and capable of μT-Kernel 2.0 RTOS (Real-Time OS) System that occupies the 60% share of the high-end RTOS market in 2017.

Nano120 IoT-Engine Starter Kit can rapid IoT device development by all-in-one hardware and software package, easily connect to the Cloud (IoT-Aggregator), aggregate sensor data for controlling IoT-Engine devices and speed up development by the lightweight realtime OS μT-Kernel 2.0 included libraries prepared for controlling sensors.

The set of Nano120 IoT-Engine Starter Kit includes Nuvoton low power Nano120 IoT-Engine board, Main Starter Board loaded with Arduino Compatible I/F, temperature sensor, photo sensor, motion sensor, joystick, RC servomotor I/F, USB-serial, LED, switches and the rest, wireless communication RF module operating at 920 MHz, equipped with CoAP and 6LoWPAN protocols, makes the IoT end nodes could seamlessly connect to the Cloud. Packet Sniffer Board to Monitor 6LoWPAN packets transmitted over-the-air and 6LoWPAN Border Router connect WLAN and WPAN.

Nano120 IoT-Engine board is based on Nuvoton low-power Nano120 MCU embedded with Arm® Cortex®-M0 core, system operating frequency up to 42MHz, embedded with 128KB Flash and 16KB SRAM, behaves low power consumption at both of normal run mode and RTC power-down mode, equipped with plenty of peripheral devices, such as timers, watchdog timers, RTC, USB 2.0 FS device, PDMA, UART, SPI, I²C, I²S, ISO-7816-3, 16-bit PWM, GPIOs, 12-bit ADC, EBI, 12-bit DAC, temperature sensor, low voltage reset controller and brown-out detection, especially suited for the IoT device application scenario that battery-powered.


*Detail information of Nano120 IoT-Engine Starter Kit can be found in UCT’s company website.: https://www.uctec.com/en/


 NANO120 IoT-Engine


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