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Nuvoton NuMicro M031SIAAE is low-voltage operation MCU based on Arm® Cortex®-M0 core with 32-bit hardware multiplier/divider. Operating frequency up to 72 MHz with 1.8V ~ 3.6V operating voltage, equipped 512 KB Flash and 96 KB SRAM.

The M031SIAAE BSP (Board Support Package) comes with licensed industrial leading emWin embedded GUI library, which contains emWin library, samples, tools and documents.

M031SIAAE embedded an extra SPROM (Security Protection ROM), providing a secure code execution area to protect the intelligent property of developers.

With its special designed such as 24-ch 96 MHz PWM providing fast response control to the external devices, 2 MSPS ADC providing a fast and precise analog to digital data conversion for sensing voltage and current which is very suitable for gaming application. Additionally, M031SIAAE provide high speed communication interface included 24 MHz SPI for high speed sensor device communication, 7.2 MHz UART with 1-wire function for encrypted communication target sensing/control devices and consumer device.

M031SIAAE also provides plenty of peripherals included 9-ch PDMA, 2 set Universal Serial Control Interface(USCI) which can be configure as UART, SPI or I²C, 8 set UART, 2 set I²C, 1 set SPI/I²S, 1 set Qual SPI, 16-ch 12-bit 2 MSPS ADCs for various application demand. And it can operate in a wide temperature range from -40°C to 105°C.  

Target Application:

  • Gaming
  • LED controller
  • Microprinter
  • Display panel
  • Home appliance

Key Features:

  - Arm® Cortex®-M0 processor running up to 72 MHz
  - 32-bit H/W multiplier/divider
  - 512 KB Flash
  - 96 KB SRAM
  - 8 KB Flash for user program loader ( LDROM )
  - ISP / ICP / IAP programming
  - 2048 bytes SPROM (Security Protection ROM)
  - 4 to 32 MHz HXT crystal oscillator or external input clock
  - 32.768 kHz LXT crystal oscillator or external input clock for low-power system operation
  - Internal 48 MHz HIRC oscillator with frequency drift over temperature ± 2 % from - 40 to 105°C
  - Internal 38.4 kHz LIRC for Low-power operating mode
  - One PLL up to 144 MHz for high speed module operation
  - Up to 4 32-bit timers
  - One 24-bit SysTick timer
  - 24 channels 144 MHz 16-bit PWM with 12-bit prescaler and brake function
  - 16 channels 12-bit 2 MSPS ADC
  - Two rail-to-rail comparators (ACMP)
  - 9 channels PDMA
Communication interfaces
  - 8-set of 7.2 MHz UART interfaces
  - 2-set of 1 MHz I²C interface
    1-set of 24 MHz SPI/I²S interface
    1-set of 24 MHz Qual SPI interface
  - 2-set of USCI interfaces that supports UART, SPI and I²C mode
55 GPIO (Support 5V tolerant I/O, except analog pins)
96-bit Unique ID ( UID )
  - Can be used as a security key
128-bit Unique Customer ID ( UCID )
Operating Characteristics
  - Voltage range: 1.8 V to 3.6 V
  - Temperature range: -40°C to 105°C
  - EFT 4.4 kV
  - ESD HBM 5 kV
  - LQFP64 ( 7 x 7 mm)

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