The Nu-Link-Gang programmer is the new generation four-chip gang programmer, supports NuMicro Cortex®-M0、Cortex®-M4 、Cortex®-M23,and 8051 1T series and packages. The Nu-Link-Gang provides flexible programming setting, which is designed especially for mass-production. It supports four different chips with individual firmware image file programming functionality. The Nu-Link-Gang can also be connected to a automatic IC programming system. Overall, the Nu-Link-Gang offers more flexibility and high efficiency than what usual programmers offer for mass-production.


Name Feature Supported Device User Manual Hardware Resources
Nu-Link-Gang A highly flexible and efficient programmer specially designed for mass-production :
• Control bus for automatic IC programming system
• 3 options of programming voltage : 1.8 V, 3.3 V, 5.0 V
• Off-line program up to four chips simultaneously or individually
• Off-line program up to four different chips with individual firmware image file
• LED status indicator for programming status check
• LCD display for programming status and detailed information checking
NuMicro® Family  User Manual (Si)
Nuvoton ICP Gang Adapter

Nuvoton ICP Gang Adapter is a printed circuit board with four sockets and supports all packages of NuMicro® Family Microcontroller ICP Gang Adapter. It can be plugged into the Nu-Link-Gang.

NuMicro® Family  -  


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