Smart Home Audio(325)


Not Recommended for New Design (NRND)

Recommended Part Number : N32926U6DN

The N32925U3DN is specially designed for accelerating video/audio streaming performance, when H.264 codec and MJPEG codec are mainly used for constructing the arts used in video streaming and the hardware AAC accelerator and the sound processor are used for the corresponding audio streaming in the cloud multimedia streaming applications. The embedded video codec engines and audio compression/decompression accelerator to enhance performance while off-loading the CPU to save power consumption.

The N32925U3DN is built on the ARM926EJ-S CPU core and integrated with video decoder ( H.264 ) , Ethernet MAC, JPEG codec, CMOS sensor interface, 32-channel SPU ( Sound Processing Unit ) , ADC , DAC, & TV encoder, for meeting various kinds of application needs while saving the BOM cost. The combination of ARM926 @ 240 MHz , DDR2, H.264 codec and AAC accelerator, SDIO host controller & USB2.0 HS Host/Device makes the N32925U3DN the best choice for video/audio streaming devices.

The N32925U3DN could be also ported under Linux OS to leverage the driver availability of emerging functionalities, like Wi-Fi, browser, etc. On the other hand, the open source code environment also gives the product development more flexibility. Nuvoton’s continuous optimizations at Linux provide customers with a cost-effective video/audio streaming solution. Moreover, the 3rd parties USB and SDIO Wi-Fi modules are introduced to best utilize in the Wi-Fi streaming application with devices like smart phones, tablets, notebooks, or smart TV etc.

Maximum resolution for the N32925U3DN is D1 ( 720x480 ) @ TV output & 1024x768 @ TFT LCD panel. With increasing popularity of the video streaming resolutions, the H.264 is the best fit for the limited bandwidth application that requires smaller data rate for high-resolution video. The N32925U3DN is well designed in terms of cost/performance for the video/audio streaming market where Wi-Fi, Ethernet or proprietary RF is extensively used. For 2.4GHz proprietary applications, the hardware CRC generator and checking engines will off-load CPU loading to save the power consumption. Moreover, the hardware channel coding engine including scrambler, inter-leaver, Reed-Solomon outer codec and convolutional inner codec engines are used for more reliable wireless video/audio data streaming in the crowd 2.4GHz ISM band environment.

To reduce system complexity while cutting the BOM cost, the N32925U3DN also comes with a 128-pin MCP ( Multi-Chip Package ) in LQFP. The 16Mbitx16 DDR2 is stacked inside the MCP to ensure higher performance and minimize the system design efforts, like EMI, noise coupling. Total BOM cost could be cut by employing 2-layer PCB along with the elimination of damping resistors, EMI prevention components, & with less board space.

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