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KA44143A is a high efficiency 3-phase brushless motor driver IC with built-in Soft Switching function for low noise operation. The soft switching period is automatically adjusted based on the motor current. This eliminates the need for individual adjustment of the soft switching period based on the motor’s specifications.By employing the rotor position detector and sine wave PWM drive by 1 Hall sensor, this IC achieves component reduction and miniaturization of motor set as well as motor drive at low noise, low vibration and low power consumption.With a wide input voltage range of 12V, 24V, this IC is most suitable for usage in home appliances, office automation, and factory automation equipment. 


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Item Performance characteristics
Sub-Family Description 3-phase BLDC motor driver
Control Method APC, PWM softswitching
Control interface PWM/DC
Ron (Ohm) 1.0
Operating Voltage (V) 12V / 24V

Operating ambient temperature[min](°C)


Operating ambient temperature[max](°C)

Package QFN24L 4x4mm Body
Lead Pitch_0.5mm



Recommended Circuit






Support tool

We provide information, evaluation tools, etc. to support your design. Please feel free to contact us.

 Evaluation Board

KE-KA44143A  - KA44143A three-phase PWM/VSP motor evaluaton board

The KE-KA44143A is an evaluation board (EVB) equipped with KA44143A integrating MOSFET drivers, which enables to drive a three-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motor by providing 2.2A Peak current in 5V/12V/24V DC rails or battery powered applications.

The EVB enables to verify the function of our patented Auto Phase Control (APC) technology installed in KA44143A.

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KU-KA44143A  - KA44143A three-phase PWM/VSP motor driver debugger

KU-KA44143A is a connection tester to support driving a three-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motor with KE-KA44143A evaluation board.

The tester can check the connection between KE-KA44143A and the motor by connecting Three-phase terminal and Hall signal terminal on the motor. The tester judge whether or not current connection is correct by manual motor rotation. Power of the tester is supplied from a PC via USB.

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