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The NuMicro® MA35D0 series is a high-performance microprocessor designed for industrial edge device applications. It features dual 64/32-bit Arm® Cortex®-A35 cores, running at speeds of up to 650 MHz. Each core includes a 32/32 KB I/D L1 cache, and there is a 512 KB shared L2 cache.

The MA35D0 series comes with a built-in 128 KB IBR (Internal Boot ROM) and supports secure booting from four modes: USB, SD/eMMC, NAND, and SPI Flash (SPI NOR/SPI NAND). To facilitate system design and manufacturing, the MA35D0 series offers an LQFP package stacked with DDR SDRAM, with capacities of up to 256 MB. This integration significantly reduces PCB layers, size, and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

For industrial applications requiring high security, the MA35D0 series provides practical security mechanisms such as Arm® TrustZone® technology and secure boot. It also includes built-in cryptographic accelerators for AES, SHA, ECC, RSA, SM2/3/4, and a TRNG, as well as Key Store and OTP memory to protect sensitive and high-value data.

In addition to security features, the MA35D0 series offers high-speed connectivity and advanced control interfaces suitable for edge device applications. These include Megabit Ethernet, high-speed USB host and device, SD3.0/eMMC, and CAN FD. The series also features an LCD Display controller supporting resolutions up to 1280 x 800 at 60 fps, a 2D graphic engine, and JPEG image decoding capabilities.

Key Features:

•  Core Sub-system
  Dual 64/32-bit Arm® Cortex®-A35 core running up to 650 MHz
  - Real-Time Clock (RTC)
Memory Sub-system
  - On-chip SRAM 384 KB
  - Multi-Chip Package (MCP) DDR SDRAM
Security Sub-system
  - Supports Arm® TrustZone®
  - Supports Secure Boot
  - Cryptographic
    - Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
    - Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA)
    - Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)
    - Rivest、Shamir and Adleman Cryptography (RSA)
    - SM 2/3/4
    - True Random Number Generator (TRNG)
  - Key Store
    One-Time- Programming (OTP) Memory
Display and Video Sub-system
  - TFT-LCD display Interface in RGB 24-bit/18-bit
  - Display Resolution up to 1280x800 @60 FPS
  - 2D Graphic Engine (GFX)
  - JPEG Image Decoder
Connectivity and I/O Sub-system
  - Peripheral DMA (PDMA)
  - High-Speed Connectivity
    - Megabit Ethernet MAC
    - USB 2.0 High Speed Host and Device
    - Secure Digital Host Controller (SDHC)
  - Serial Connectivity
    - CAN FD
    - Quad SPI
    - I²S
    - UART
    - I²C
  - External Memory Interface
    - External Bus Interface (EBI)
    - Secure Digital Host Controller (SDHC)
    - NAND Flash Controller
  - Control Interface
    - Enhanced PWM (EPWM)
    - 32-bit Timer PWM
  - Human Machine Interface
    - KPI (Keypad Interface)
    - 4/5-wire touch
  - Analog Peripherals
    - Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)
Evaluation Board
  - NuMaker-IoT-MA35D0-A1
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