Intelligent Power Station

This reference design of Nuvoton Intelligent Power Station uses HMI (Human-Machine Interface) based on emWin engine for touch input on TFT LCD screen and combines with speech recognition input thru Wi-Fi to control the power switches of AC and USB sockets inside the Nuvoton Power Station case. For the speech recognition scheme, it uses Google TensorFlow as the algorithm development environment of speech recognition for deep learning and implements the speech recognition on M487 MCU to realize an offline and instant speech recognition system by Keyword Spotting.

The following figure shows the reference design hardware structure of the Nuvoton Intelligent Power Station system. In this reference design, user can monitor the real-time current and power consumption of each turned-on socket on the LCD screen of this power station or on the remote cellphone. User also can control the lux and fade-out time of light on the DALI slave board by the HMI input while the M487 Power Station case is connected with DALI master board.

The TFT LCD module is 240 x 320 pixels (QVGA) at size and supports resistive touch function. M487 MCU supports the EBI (External Bus Interface) interface and i80 mode that can drive this LCD panel for displaying. M487 MCU also supports 16-channel high precision 12-bit ADC that can used to detect the touch finger position on the monitor. Now, Nuvoton provides the free emWin software library, tool and example codes on M480 series for customers. These materials can help customers to implement the HMI on their products that based on the emWin structure and shorted the time of researching and developing of products.


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