Smart Home Audio(325)




NAU8822AYG is a low power, high quality CODEC for portable and general purpose audio applications. In addition to precision 24-bit stereo ADCs and DACs, this device integrates a broad range of additional functions to simplify implementation of complete audio system solutions. 

NAU8822AYG includes drivers for speaker, headphone, and differential or stereo line outputs, and integrates preamps for stereo differential microphones, significantly reducing external component requirements. A fractional PLL is also available to accurately generate any audio sample rate for the CODEC using any commonly available system clock from 8MHz through 33MHz.

Target Applications:

Wired/Wireless telephony
Security System
Mobile Telephone Hands-free Kit
Residential & Consumer Intercom

Key Features:

ADC Feature
  - SNR (A-weighted): 89dB @ 0dB gain
  - THD+N: -78dB @ 0dB gain
DAC Feature
  - Integrated Headset Driver 40mW (16Ω / 3.3V)
  - Integrated BTL Speaker Driver 1 W (8Ω / 5V)
  - SNR (A-weighted): 89dB @ 0dB gain
  - THD+N: -84dB @ 20mW, RL=32ohm
Audio Input
  - Digital Audio Interface: I2S / PCM Input
  - Integrated programmable Microphone Amplifier
  - Low noise bias supply voltage for microphone
  - Sample rates: 8~192KHz
Advance/Control Feature
  - 5-band Graphic Equalizer
  - Programmable ALC
  - ADC Notch Filter
  - Programmable High Pass Filter
  - I2C Control Interface
Operating Characteristics
  - Voltage range(VDDC/B): 1.65V ~ 3.6V
  - Voltage range(VDDA): 2.5V ~ 3.6V
  - Temperature range: -40°C ~ 85°C
  - QFN-32 (5x5mm)
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