Human Machine Interface (HMI)


Nuvoton provides complete tools required for HMI applications, including the emWin graphics library licensed from SEGGER. As a result, customers can easily create modern and high-quality graphical user interfaces on embedded systems.

Nuvoton also provides various software tools that can accelerate the design of HMI and help customers increase the development speed significantly.

Moreover, Nuvoton provides rich GUI platform resources, including application templates, online training videos, and forums to help users speed up their product development.

For more information, please find the Nuvoton GUI solutions in detail.


emWin Graphics Library Features

Create stunning graphics with easy to use APIs
Use on multiple LCD modules in various sizes and support the touch of resistive and capacitive
Optimize the footprint for minimum memory consumption of both RAM and ROM
Provide custom and standard widgets such as buttons, checkbox, gauge, window, graph, etc., for all applications

HMI Software Tools

  The bitmap converter is designed for converting standard image file formats like BMP, PNG, or GIF into the desired emWin bitmap format
  This tool can show the previously created emWin movie file (EMF – emWin Movie File)
  This tool can convert Windows fonts to emWin bitmap format to support multi-language display on emWin
  This tool helps users create UIs visually by dragging and dropping widgets on a computer
  This tool can convert JPEG files to an EMF file and play on an embedded system by emWin graphic library

Nuvoton Application Templates

•  Recipe player template
Elevator display template
Refrigerator display template
Vehicle meter template
Color thermostat template
WiFi Color thermostat template


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