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Battery Monitoring ICs




Nuvoton offers a lineup of high performance battery monitoring ICs including automotive qualified, stackable, and built-in current sensor.Applications include electric and hybrid electric vehicles, energy storage systems and e-bikes.






Contribution to environment

Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) are becoming more and more popular to achieve carbon neutrality worldwide.
Automakers are encouraged to ensure safety against hazardous events such as lithium-ion batteries catching fire and emitting fumes. The cruising range per charge of BEVs must be extended equivalent to a single fueling of internal combustion engine vehicle. The high safety and long cruising range required for battery systems are supported by Nuvton battery monitoring ICs with various safety functions and enables highly accuratevoltage measurement.



Product Line

EV ESS Ebike
Automotive Qualified
Battery monitoring ICs meet AEC-Q100
Multiple devices are connected in a daisy chain
Non Stackable
Battery monitoring ICs with built in current sensor in single chip

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