Smart Home Audio(325)



Realizing easy board design and high connectivity, we contribute to the innovative evolution of the entire value chain.


 ✓Equipped with high-performance equalizer and emphasis circuit

       •Suppress signal attenuation by substrate and restore signal

       •Offers high interoperability with any Type-C cable


 ✓Easier board design and cost reduction

       •Free placement of CPU and connectors inside the device

       •Increased flexibility in substrate size, material selection, and construction methods


 ✓Provision of evaluation analysis tool “Nuvoton Analyzer”

       •Easy performance check at the development and manufacturing stages

       •Anytime, anywhere, anyone can easily evaluate and analyze


 ✓Equipped with firmware update function

       •Immediate improvement of poor connection between CPU and Re-Timer

       •Capable of following minor updates to the USB standard

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