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Smart Home Audio(317)


NuMicro® ML51EC0AE is embedded with based on 1T 8051-based CMOS microcontroller, runs up to 24 MHz at a wide voltage range from 1.8V to 5.5V, and features 32 KB flash, 2 KB SRAM, and 4 KB loader ROM for the ISP. It is also equipped with plenty of peripheral devices, such as up to 24 GPIO, Timers, Watchdog Timer, Window Watchdog Timer, UART, SPI, I²C, PWM Timer, 12-bit ADC,

 and available in TSSOP28.

Target Application:

  • Wearable, battery-powered devices
  • Home appliances
  • IoT device
  • Auto-alarm system
  • Battery management system
  • Remote controller

Key Features:

1T 8051-based CMOS microcontroller running up to 24MHz
  - Built-in LDO for wide operating voltage ranges from 1.8 V to 5.5 V
  - Temperature range: -40 ℃ to + 105 ℃
Flash Memory
  - 32 KB Flash for program code
  4 KB flash for ISP
SRAM Memory
  - 2 KB embedded SRAM
  - 4 to 24 MHz HXT crystal oscillator or external input clock
  - 32.768 kHz LXT crystal oscillator or external input clock for low-power system operation
  - Internal 24 MHz HIRC oscillator variation < ±2% within all temperature and full voltage range
  - Supports software trim function to ±0.25% deviation within -40℃~105℃
  - Internal 38.4kHz LIRC with variation < ±50%. Add software trim mechanism for UART 2% accuracy
Power management
  - Normal run mode: 80 μA/ MHz
  - Low power run mode ( run with LIRC ): lowest current 15 μA
  - Idle mode: lowest current: 13 μA
  - Power-down current: Lowest current <1 μA
  - Wake up from power down in 10 us ( run with HIRC )
  - Up to 6*16-bit channel PWM outputs or 3 complementary paired PWM outputs
  - Support Dead-Zone generator for complementary paired PWM
  - Support Capture interrup
  - 8 ch 12-bit SAR ADC with 500kSPS
2 Analog comparator
  - Up to 2 SPI
  - Up to 2 I²C
  - Up to 2 UART
  - Up to 1 smart card interface
  - Up to 24 GPIO
  - TSSOP28 


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