Smart Home Audio(325)


The W539A806, a member of the ViewTalk product family, is a state-of-the-art solution for electronic learning applications that enrich, educate, and entertain.

The high-performance, 8-bit microprocessor (uP) contains the maximum 1 Kbytes of working RAM. The W539A806 also has 761 KB of built-in ROM, and it can access additional content in Nuvoton-proprietary, serial-memory chips W55Fxx, W551Cxxx and W25Pxx using the built-in Serial-Memory Interface Manager (SIM) .

The W539A806 can play back midi files simultaneously on eight notes (Wave-Table) , two of which can be used for speech instead. For example, two channels play speech in the foreground, while mixing with six channels of polyphonic midi (MIDI format 0) . The instrument waveforms are stored in W539A806 memory, and speech is reproduced by uP firmware in either PCM or Nuvoton-proprietary MDPCM format.

The W539A806 voltage regulator and pump circuit provide the best contrast for a 1024-dot LCD display (64SEGx16COM) , even when the batteries are low. In addition, programmable LCD functions and two pages of dedicated LCD RAM make it easier to manage animation.

Finally, the W539A806 offers multiple power modes to minimize power dissipation, according to different speech, melody, and LCD needs.




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