Smart Home Audio(325)



The NuMicro® M071MD2AE series is a 32-bit microcontroller based on Arm Cortex®-M0 core targeted for smart home appliance applications. It offers up to 50 MHz CPU frequency, 68 KB Flash memory for code storage, 8 KB SRAM for runtime operation. Additionally, in response to the code security requirements, the M071MD2AE series integrates flash security lock to provide a secure code execution area to protect the developer's intellectual property. The M071MD2AE series also supports online updates using In-System Programmer (ISP), In-Circuit Programmer (ICP) and In-Application Programmer (IAP). The In-System Programmer (ISP) with 4 KB Loader ROM (LDROM) supports firmware updates through the Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) process.

The M071MD2AE series supports plenty of peripherals, including one built-in temperature sensor with 1°C resolution, adjustable VDDIO pins to meet a wide voltage range from 1.8V to 5.5V, 12 channels of 16-bit 144 MHz high-speed PWM for precise control, 4 sets of UART, 1 set of SPI, 1 set of I²C. The M071MD2AE series also provides rich analog peripherals including 8 channels of 12-bit ADC.

Target Application:

  • Main control of smart home appliances
  • Industrial control
Operating Characteristics
  - Operating voltage from 2.5V to 5.5V
  - Operating temperature from -40°C to 105°C
  - ESD HBM 8 kV
  - EFT 4.4 kV
  - Arm® Cortex®-M0 core running up to 50 MHz
  - Single-cycle 32-bit hardware multiplier
  - NVIC for 32 interrupt inputs, each with 4-levels of priority
  - 68 KB application ROM (APROM) supports Flash Security Lock
  - 4 KB Loader ROM (LDROM)
  Up to 4 KB Data Flash memory with configurable memory size
  - 512 B page erase for all embedded Flash memory
  - 8 KB embedded SRAM
  - Built-in 4~24 MHz high speed crystal oscillator for precise timing operation
  - Built-in 22.1184 MHz internal high speed RC oscillator (HIRC) (Frequency variation < 2% at -40°C ~ +105°C)
  - Built-in 10 kHz low speed RC oscillator (LIRC)
  - PLL up to 200 MHz
Power management
  - Three power modes: Normal run, Idle and Normal Power-down mode
  - Wake up from Normal Power-down mode and Idle mode
Timer & PWM
  - 4 sets of 32-bit timers
  - 2 PWM modules; each module provides 6 output channels.
  - 1 Watchdog Timer
  - 1 Windows Watchdog Timer
Analog Peripheral
  - 1 set of 12-bit, 8 channel, 760 KSPS SAR ADC
  - 4 sets of UART with IrDA
  - 1 set I²C Device interface
  - 1 set of SPI
Up to 38 I/O pins with interrupt capability
IEC60730-1 Class B
  - Certified IEC60730-1 Class B Software Test Library (STL)
Development Platform Support
  - Arm Keil RVMDK and IAR EWARM IDE
  - Free GNU compiler with Eclipse IDE support
  - ICP (In Circuit Programmer) support for updating internal code via Nu-Link debugger
  - ISP (In System Programmer) support for updating code through UART, SPI, I²C, RS-485
  - Pin Viewer for real time monitoring the status of all I/O pins
  - PinConfigure tool for pin assignment, initial code generation and OrCAD/Protel part generation
96-bit Unique ID (UID)
128-bit Unique Customer ID (UCID)
Package LQFP44(10x10) pitch 0.8mm
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