Bluetooth Toothbrush Reference Design

NuMicro® M031BT integrates the main control and Bluetooth two-in-one microcontroller, with Bluetooth pass-through data transmission to connect with the APPs from various manufactures to record the personal oral healthcare information to enrich the customer service possibility. For the motor mode setting, light display or battery detection of the Bluetooth toothbrush, all of the above can be realized through a NuMicro® M031BT microcontroller with built-in rich peripheral and excellent analog control functions and integrated Bluetooth technology.

  • Features
    Main control with Bluetooth transmission function integration to reduce hardware design costs
    Mobile APP connection reference design to get started quickly
  • Specifications
    - Arm Cortex-M0 running up to 48 MHz
    - With 12 channels of 96 MHz PWM that can provide motor control to drive and adjust the vibration frequency
    16-channel 12-bit 2 Msps high sampling rate ADC provides accurate voltage measurement
    The package area of QFN48 is only 5mm x 5mm, which is convenient for system hardware design
  • System Block Diagram
    Bluetooth Toothbrush Reference Design
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