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KA41908B uses a unique digital circuit for Hall Iris position control to realize low power consumption and low acoustic noise drive. This help to shorten the lens module design time. In addition, KA41908B has CAP(Correction of Amplitude and Phase) function, which enables the stepper motor for zoom / focus to operate with low acoustic noise. Stepper control by internal settings through SPI interface communication contributes to reducing calculation load of MCU. KA41908B is the best selling product for lens module drive of surveillance camera and web camera.


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Item Performance characteristics
Sub-Family Description Zoom, focus and iris cotrol lens driver
Control Method CAP (Correction Amplitude & Phase) control, 256 microstep
Control interface SPI
Ron (Ohm) 2.5Ohm / 5.0Ohm
Operating Voltage (V) 3.3V / 5.0V

Operating ambient temperature[min](°C)


Operating ambient temperature[max](°C)

Package QFN44L 6x6mm Body
Lead Pitch_0.4mm


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