Wireless Microphone

Microphone can convert sound to an electrical signal transducer and pass human voices to remote electronic devices or through a speaker to amplify the sound signal. In recent years, the development of wireless technology has been matured and became an integral part of everyday life, such as WIFI, Bluetooth, and 2.4GRF transmission. Wireless microphone is one of the wireless technology that brings users, such as school teachers, tour guides, speakers and singers a lot of convenient.

The NUC500 series features high performance, low cost and low power 32-bit ARM® ARM7TDMI core and embedded 32 KB/64 KB SRAM, and runs up to 80 MHz to support 2.4GRF wireless speaker. The NUC500 series provides high MIPS support better performance audio compress/decompress algorithm and audio codec, two sets of UARTs and USB device. All the functions for the 2.4GRF wireless microphone are integrated in one chip to save BOM cost and facilitate data update though PC. Based on the above features, the NUC500 series is a cost-effective solution for 2.4GRF wireless microphone applications. In addition, the NUC500 can be used for a 2.4GRF demo system. This demo shows high audio quality, stability and better distance than other solutions.


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