Smart Home Audio(325)


The NCT6796D-E is a member of Nuvoton’s Super I/O series capable of monitoring critical parameters in PC hardware including power supply voltages, fan speeds and temperatures. The NCT6796D-E provides both high accuracy current mode sensing and low cost thermistor mode sensing. It also supports Nuvoton’s SMART FANTM I and SMART FANTM IV algorithms for fan speed control.

As for PC peripherals, the NCT6796D-E has printer port, KBC, 2 UARTs and GPI/O.

The NCT6796D-E implements Intel® PECI, AMD® SB-TSI interface, Intel® S0iX glue logic, Port 80 diagnostic messages on both LPC & eSPI interface, LED to indicate system power states, and power saving control function to further reduce the power consumption in the S5 state.

The NCT6796D-E supports both LPC & eSPI interface to communicate with chipsets.

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