Smart Home Audio(325)


The N681389 implements a single channel FXS telephone line interface optimized for short loop applications. It integrates SLCC (Subscriber Line Control Circuit) functionality with a programmable CODEC and a DC/DC controller. The SLCC supports internal ringing up to 50Vrms (4 REN) ideal for Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).  The CODEC can be configured for μ-law, A-law or 16-bit linear PCM encoding. It also supports a comprehensive set of signaling capabilities required to supervise and control the telephone lines. These include tone generation, ring tones, DTMF detection/ generation as well as FSK generation.  An on-chip Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) driver allows control of an inductor based DC/DC converter. Programmable impedance and trans-hybrid balancing allow for worldwide deployment.

Target Applications:

Residential VoIP Gateways / Routers/ IP-PBX
Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA)
Integrated Access Devices
Set Top Boxes

Key Features:

Complete BORSCHT functions
Internal balanced and unbalanced ringing up to 50 Vrms (4 REN)
Integrated Power Management Options
  - Integrated DC/DC controller regulates battery voltage to minimize power dissipation in all operating modes
  - Programmable external battery switching
Programmable linefeed characteristics
  - Ringing Frequency, Amplitude, and Cadence
  - Trapezoidal and Sinusoidal waveforms
  - Two wire AC impedance, and trans-hybrid balance
  - Constant Current feed (5mA to 45mA)
  Ring Trip and Loop Closure Thresholds
  - Ground Key Detection and Ground Start.
  - Ground Fault Detection
Programmable signal generation and detection
  - DTMF generation/ detection and Tone generation
  - Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) Enhanced Caller ID generation (Type I and Type II)
Loop test and diagnostics support
  - Integrated loopback modes
  - Real-time linefeed monitoring
  - On-chip temperature sensor
  - Line Card Diagnostics Support
Digital interfaces
  - PCM: G.711 μ-Law, A-Law and 16-bit linear
  - SPI bus
  - Programmable audio path gains
    Line Card Diagnostics Support
On-chip PLL for flexible clocking options including 1.0 MHz and 2.0 MHz BCLK operation
Wideband and Narrowband codec
Operating Characteristics
  - Digital I/O Voltage range: 1.8V ~ 3.3V
  - Temperature range: -40°C ~ 85°C
  - QFN-44
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