Face Recognition Attendance Machines

This solution integrates face recognition into a single microprocessor, saving customers’ costs and completing the product with a smaller PCB. The NuMicro® NUC980 microprocessor family stacks 16 MB to 64 MB of DDR memory for easy EMI and EMC certification.

The Nuvoton NUC970NUC980 series features an ARM926EJ-S core with high-performance 32-bit ARM®, 300MHz speed, and support for network interface, high-speed USB interface, dual CMOS camera and TFT LCD display. More importantly, the NUC970NUC980 series has a stack of 16 M Bytes to 64 M Bytes of DDR memory space, which not only allows customers to make 2-layer to 4-layer boards, but also makes it easy for customers to pass EMI and EMC certification. The NUC970NUC980 series basically integrates the face recognition function into one IC, which not only saves cost but also uses a relatively small PCB to complete the product. Based on the above characteristics, the NUC970NUC980 series is a very cost-effective solution for face recognition applications.

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