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Bluetooth wireless data transfer lets devices quickly connect to the IoT era

The IoT trend has made the demand for devices connecting to the Internet more and more significant; according to the latest market survey report by the Bluetooth SIG, it is estimated that the application of data transfer through Bluetooth alone will reach an annual shipment of 1.46 billion in 2025 with a compound annual growth rate of 11%. The development of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) has also been gradually flourishing in recent years, and in addition to wireless audio transmissions, pure data transfers are also trendy applications.

Let the Nuvoton M256 microcontroller give you the safest and most convenient intuitive touch-control water purifier

There was a classic scene in the popular drama “Nothing But Thirty,” where the leading female character, Jia Gu, tried to break into the circle of wealthy wives, so she collected high-end drinking water from all over the world and invited them to a “water-tasting party”; even water-drinking became full of rituals. Suppose you pay attention to the well-furnished real estate around you. In that case, you will notice that in addition to the necessities such as refrigerators, laundry machines, and air-conditioners, water purifiers used to ensure drinking water quality has also become necessary. 

Using NOP912/NOP914 for precision measurement applications

To measure a small signal, if the signal is too small, users need to amplify the signal and then sample it with a microcontroller. At this time, you need to use operational amplifiers.

The Low-power NuMicro MUG51 series in coil power supply system application

The coil power supply product such as passive stylus pens and RFID cards do not require a battery to operate but harvest power from the magnetic coil. Thus, power-on consumption is critical to such a product. 

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