Smart Home Audio(325)


W588L020 is a powerful embedded microprocessor (uP) of low power consumption, and it is dedicated to speech and melody synthesis applications. It consists of a 8-bit 65C02 hard core, a 256-byte RAM, an internal ROM, and peripherals to achieve PowerSpeech and high quality melody functions, and one class-D PWM direct drive is built-in. It’s suitable for plush toys, educational Q&A toys, or interactive application.

Multi-tasking processing of program, voice synthesis and melody generation are achieved by the supported peripherals and the F/W programming. The shared ROM architecture allows customers to virtually combine program/voice/melody without boundary limitations. Generally speaking, W588L020 can accomplish multi-tasking requirements easily and make toys more complicated than traditional PowerSpeech.

The W588L020 provides 8 bi-directional I/Os, 96 bytes RAM, IR carrier, and 32KHz-Divider for sophisticated applications. In addition, W588L020 also provides PWM output to save power during playback, and its WDT (Watch Dog Timer) and LVR (Low Voltage Reset) to prevent latch-up situation from occurring, furthermore, the operation voltage is from 1.8V – 3.6V, which is suitable for 2-battery application, to save energy consumption.

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