Smart Home Audio(325)

NSPxx Series


NSP series are advanced Voice IC with embedded Flash to implement Voice Assistance applications. It provides hardware I2C, UART and firmware One-Wire, Two-Wire interface to communicate with host MCU, and support In-System-Program (ISP) to update content with high data transition rate; Besides, NSP2.01G series support up to 1.0 Watt (@ 5.5V) amplifier to drive speaker directly, which is suitable for all the voice assistance applications.



NSP Series Application Diagram:



NSP2.0 Key Features:

  • Interface with Host MCU:I2C or UART
  • Voice Duration (Flash type):96”, 177”, 420” @12KHz
  • 2-ch Voice Playback
  • Low Standby Current:< 1uA
  • Voice Content update:ISP (In System Programming)
  • Package Form:SOP8
  • Flash Endurance:100K times


NSP1.0 Series Selection Guide:


NSP2.0 Series Selection Guide:



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