The solution uses the functionality of a POS machine integrated into a single microprocessor, saving customers’ costs and completing the product with a smaller PCB, and supports network interfaces, high-speed USB interfaces, dual serial ports, and TFT LCD display devices.

The N329 series integrates the necessary functions POS requires such as Ethernet MAC, HS USB, 2 UARTs and LCD interface. The N329 series features high performance and low-cost 32-bit Arm® ARM9EJ-S core running up to 200 MHz ~300 MHz, and 8 MB ~ 64 MB DDR memory that can help the user to easily pass EMI and EMC verification in 2~4 layers PCB. All the functions for the Point of sales (POS) are integrated in one chip to save BOM cost. Based on the above features, the N329 series is a cost-effective solution for POS applications.


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