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IoT Platform

IoT Platform

Device Platform


Internet of Things, whether in homes, cities, industrials, agriculture, etc., it is necessary to detect various types of data from sensing node devices. Nuvoton NuMaker development platforms built with a variety of high-performance, low-power, and rich-interface microprocessors and microcontrollers are ideally suited for node devices and gateways in various IoT node applications.

Driver Ready


IoT applications need to be connected via a network to communicate with each other. Nuvoton NuMaker development platform supports several network communication Driver-Ready solution to help developers make appropriate choices based on various application scenarios.

Gateway Platform


Nuvoton Technology provides an industrial IoT Gateway platform, including complete hardware design and software reference design. The platform supports embedded Linux OS which provides all IoT protocols you need, such as AWS Client / MQTT / Web Server, etc., users can use this platform to quickly develop a plenty of IoT Gateway applications.


Cloud Ready


Cloud in the IoT architecture is responsible for storing sensing data, analyzing and computing, and then doing appropriate processing or response. The NuMaker development platform provided by Nuvoton supports commonly used network protocols, and it is easy to develop applications that support clouds. It also provides examples to connect clouds, including MS Azure, Arm Pelion, Amazon Web Service, and Alibaba Cloud, etc.

Companion App


Provide various NuMaker Platform and network connectivity demos. Make good use of development community resources and standardize templates on NuMaker platforms, plus NuMaker IoT Training videos, to reduce developer mind guard and shorten development time and reduce the difficulty.


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