TOF sensing solution

An obstacle sensing solution enables autonomous movement/work of robots.

We provide TOF sensors with camera reference design and processing software that fit various use cases.

  • Features
    A High-resolution TOF sensor can detect overhang-shaped furniture and thin cables
    The TOF depth measurement with a surface-emitting laser detects walls without feature points and free space on the floor
    - You can immediately use the RB-X development environment since it is certified as AVL of Qualcomm's RB-X Platform
  • Applications
    - AMR for factories and distribution warehouses
    - Service robots in retailers/ stores
    Human cooperation robots at home
  • Development kit for autonomous driving of robot
    We provide a proof of concept (PoC) camera that fits your use case. Please contact us

1) RB5

2) PoC camera

RB5 PoC camera

TOF Sensing Solution

It can realize free space detection by calculating the height of things from real 3D images.

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