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Motor Driver ICs

fan motor



Nuvoton motor driver IC line up consists of brushless DC motor drivers, stepper motor drivers and lens motor drivers. Our products can be used in a wide range of applications such as Enable to use wide range of applications, data servers, base stations, office automation equipment and cameras.






Contribution to environment

Motors are used in many devices such as, home appliances, communications, industrial and automobiles. These motor applications require safety and long life. Motor efficiency is an important factor to achieve carbon neutral and contributing to a sustainable society through the effective use of energy and resources. Nuvoton motor driver ICs equipped with our unique current control technology realize the safety, long life, and high efficiency drive required for motors.



Product Line

ESS 3D printer IP cam
Brushless DC Motor Drivers (BLDC)
Current-phase control
Stepper Motor Drivers
Mixed-Decay function
Lens Motor Drivers
Hall Iris position control

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