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USB4 Re-Timer IC




This product is a USB4® Re-Timer for USB4 devices such as PCs and VR/AR, and USB cables.

Performs more advanced noise removal than Re-Driver, and realizes high-quality communication with PCs, devices, and cables.


        ✓ Innovative Technology

             Provides high interoperability and easy-to-use cables


         ✓Innovation to Value Chain

             Lower total costs across customer’s value chain



Innovative Technology

Nuvoton's Re-Timer is equipped with proprietary technology to achieve high interoperability and easy-to-use cables.

      Stable connection between device, cable and host

      ✓Long transmission distance (3m or more cable length with USB4 is realized)

      ✓Thin, light, flexible cable with the world’s first built-in e-Marker*

                                                                        *According to our investigation

Innovation to value chain

Since USB4 requires high-speed signals of up to 40Gbps, strict quality control is required in the manufacturing process of devices, hosts and cables. Compared to conventional products, the challenges are the increased cost due to the complexity of the manufacturing process and the lengthening of the development period.

Nuvoton's Re-Timer realizes customers' PCs, devices, and cables with higher performance, and contributes to the innovative evolution of the entire value chain, from planning, development, manufacturing to procurement and after-sales maintenance.

     ✓ Nuvoton's proprietary technology reduces board and cable material and mounting costs, and simplifies manufacturing!

     ✓ Equipped with e-Marker*, contributing to simplification of design and reduction of BOM!  * Equipped only with Re-Timer for Cable

     ✓ With the firmware update function, follow the minor updates of the USB standard!



Product Line

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